There’s no denying that the COVID-19 global pandemic has forever changed the industries in which we specialize – and our world. While the full extent of the impact is still unfolding, there are some things we do know:

  • We know consumer behavior around travel has shifted – leaning heavily on road trips, outdoor experiences and more.
  • We know the media landscape has changed – publications have cut their staff, freelance budgets are lower, media contacts are avoiding events and group trips, etc.
  • We know digital and social media consumption is way up, impacting the cost – and importance – of ads.
  • We know it’s imperative to have a communication partner who can adapt and think beyond the traditional approach to hospitality, lifestyle and destination marketing.
  • Perhaps most importantly, we know the travel, wellness and hospitality industries are resilient and will come together to overcome the challenges ahead.

Like you, we long for the day visitors once again sip drinks on patios without masks, line up for chair lifts and stroll through boutiques without keeping a distance of 6 ft. We’re confident this day will come sooner than later, so we encourage you to consider engaging a partner that is willing to go the extra mile to get the most ROI on every tourism or marketing dollar spent to ensure your brand is top-of-mind for today, and tomorrow’s consumer.

With three dedicated teams and a variety of core capabilities, BPR has the ability to develop an integrated, multifaceted re-launch or reopening plan with a focus on local, drive-to and regional feeder markets. Using your brand’s key differentiators, we’ll draft impactful media kit messaging, website copy, social media content, newsletters and more, as well as pitch target media outlets to ensure your brand stands out among competitors as travelers, diners and shoppers reemerge.

If you’re interested in connecting with us about new business or PR/digital support as you navigate your reopening, we’d love to chat! Please call (303) 658-0605 or email; we look forward to connecting!