2024 Resolutions

‘Tis the season for New Year’s Resolutions! As we enter 2024, our team has a slew of fun, mindful and growth-centric plans. From international trips to self-published books, read on for the complete list.

“Ever since the pandemic, my resolution has been to continue prioritizing travel – my goal is two international trips per year! This year we went to Japan and central/Northern Italy, including the Dolomites. We’re trying to narrow down 2024 destinations – so far, the top contenders are Patagonia, Ireland and Scandinavia!” – Heather Dratler, VP, Brand Engagement





“My resolution is to make progress on my cookbook! I’m currently in recipe-development mode for a cookie-focused cookbook I’ve been working on since late 2022. It’s a (delicious) labor of love.” – Callie Sumlin, Associate Account Director





“Travel overseas: I’ve traveled so much in 2023 and it’s always been a goal of mine to travel overseas to see the rest of the world! Next year I’m hoping to go to France sometime around my birthday.” – Celena George, Social Media Manager






“Do one yoga class per week! My flexibility and overall strength needs to get better. Travel more! It is a work in progress, but I have a fear of flying, so I am trying to desensitize myself by traveling more. And, I have a goal to hit 30k followers on my food blog in 2024!” – Kelsey Osborn, Digital Content Creator






“Find a workout routine: As a working mom, it’s hard to make fitness a priority but this year I’d really like to get into a good routine with running, yoga, classes, etc. Keep up with my gratitude journal: I have a little journal where I can note three things each day that I’m grateful for. This year I’m going to make more of an effort to practice gratitude each morning by identifying some of the good things in my life daily.” – Lydia Russo, Account Supervisor

“After a year of incredible experiences (traveling, seeing Taylor Swift AND Beyonce, enjoying bucket list restaurants and more), I want to double down on making the most of each week and seek out experiences that create incredible, lasting memories.” – Nicolle Montgomery, VP, Influencers & Strategic Partnerships

“For the past couple of years, BPR has held a team tarot reading sessions for a fun group activity – it’s inspired me to spend far too long searching out the most beautiful deck of tarot cards, and to start learning how to read them! I’m going to be pulling one a day for the next year and taking a few minutes to reflect on how it speaks to me in the current moment.” – Savannah King, Supervisor, Social & Digital Media





“Read at least one book per month! I kind of stopped reading after graduating college (book burnout is real) but I’m determined not to let four years of academic textbooks ruin my reading habits. I’d also like to set aside one day each month for “life admin.” I’m starting to get a pile of paperwork and other life things on my desk that I’ve been meaning to get to and I can no longer push it off any longer!” – Abigail Brown, Account Coordinator





“Pursue some more creative hobbies: I just started making things with air-clay so would love to take a class and learn some tips and tricks! I would also love to find a cause and help support the local community more, as well as see my niece and soon-to-be nephews as much as I can.” – Abbey Ogden, Senior Account Executive



“Build a more intentional morning routine. To me, this looks like using my new Hatch alarm clock instead of my phone to wake up; getting outside for sun light and fresh air; doing a yoga flow; and journaling. I also want to “romanticize” time spent in the kitchen. Sometimes, I find cooking dinner can feel overwhelming after a long day. To shift this perspective, I’ll set the tone with a lit candle and jazzy playlist, while making seasonal and flavorful recipes. And finally, nurture existing and create new relationships with media in the travel industry. This includes attending networking events and continuing to read bylines that pique my interest and relate to BPR’s clientele.” – Brianna Buffo, Senior Account Executive




“I’d like to make a point to go on more dog walks, continue to grow my professional skill set and experience more live music in 2024.” – Rileigh Skelton, Social Media Manager






“A new year seems like a decent time to revisit my self-care and workout routine. As a working mom of three, most days fly by and I find it difficult to carve time out for myself, but I’m hopeful it will become easier as my kids become a bit more self-sufficient. I’d also like to be more present in the evenings. I get so little time with them during the week that I try to make a point of shutting down technology from pick-up until bedtime, which is easier said than done, especially when your career revolves around social media.” – Merideth Hartung, VP, Social Media