We Are Hiring!

Hi there! Thank you for your interest in B Public Relations (BPR). We’re so grateful for your interest in our award-winning agency and in joining our team. This isn’t a hiring blog that tells you all about how you need to have great internship experience and writing skills (which are both important but not the intention here). This is about some of the tips and tricks that will propel your resume to the top of our inboxes at BPR.


1. Follow the hiring instructions: This might seem simple, but you’d be surprised how often this gets missed. Typically, we have a specific team member managing the hiring for our various practice areas. Make sure you send your resume and cover letter directly to this person. This is especially important if you apply through a third-party tool like LinkedIn (one of our recent posts received more than 100 applications, so it’s easy to get lost in the crowd).


2. Tailor your resume and cover letter: At B Public Relations, we have four separate practice areas – traditional media relations, social and digital media, influencers and partnerships, and brand engagement. If you’re looking for a role with the influencer team, for example, make sure you’re tailoring your resume with the most relevant experience on top to emphasize your experience in this area. Your cover letter is a good place to showcase this as well. Try to remember to write a letter that you, your friend, and your friend’s friend would want to read to get to know more about you. So many of the cover letters that we receive sound like they could have been written by a robot.


3. Follow-up (but only once): Just like the writers and influencers we work with every day, it’s possible that your email got missed. If a few days go by without some type of response, please feel free to send a follow-up email. Just remember that it’s possible that we haven’t started scheduling interviews or finalized a decision just yet.


4. PR-yourself!: We get it; sometimes your experience doesn’t always align with where your career is headed. Don’t be afraid to show us how your work relates to the role you’re seeking. Maybe in your current role, you’re doing something more sales-related but you’re also helping a family friend’s local business manage their social media account in your free time. This is the type of experience that we want to hear about because it shows us that you can “walk the walk” when it comes to the role we’re hiring for.


5. First impressions matter: Whether it’s through a messaging platform or email, remember that first impressions matter. If you take the time to address your email to someone on our team, that goes a long way! The same can be said of your responsiveness and general tone throughout our conversation – from setting up an interview and beyond. Be prompt to the meeting, be camera-ready, and be prepared with your computer/laptop/AirPods charged long enough for the meeting.


6. Network ahead of time: While we do post our job opportunities on the BPR website, often before these roles are posted, we’ll comb through our files for potential candidates that we’ve enjoyed meeting along the way. This might have been someone who previously applied, someone who has been introduced to us through a college professor or an industry colleague, or someone who has reached out just to learn more about BPR. We try to participate in a number of Denver-area networking events and will often do presentations at local colleges and universities. If you’re in attendance, please don’t hesitate to say hello and make an introduction. It never hurts to get on our radar before we start casting a wide net.


Best of luck! We are so excited to get to know you more. Please reach out if you have any questions or would like to learn more.