As a women-owned, women-led company, it’s no surprise that International Women’s Day is a holiday we’re passionate about. As we celebrate the incredible women in our lives on March 8, we asked our team to weigh in on what the day means to them:

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about terms such as “lady boss” or “entrepreneuHER,” because really, why should words like “entrepreneur” or “boss” need a gendered qualifier? International Women’s Day is a reminder to me about how far we have to go before women (of all walks of life) can attain equality in our societal system, and a chance to examine my own practices. Today I ask “How I can contribute to this cause, even in a small, daily ways?” So, here’s a reminder from me for you to focus on being a boss – not a lady boss, or a boss babe – and encourage the women you touch along the way to do the same. — Savannah King

On International Women’s Day, and every day, I’m proud to be a part of the confident and brilliant group of women at BPR. Our team’s careful community, and the global circle of like-minded women who continue to empower one another, is invaluable. Beyoncé said it best … girls run the world! — Brianna Buffo

International Women’s Day is a reminder that women are powerful. And brilliant. And unique. And capable. And every time I have ever doubted myself reminds me we still have work to do as a culture to make sure no woman – myself included – ever feels like she is not the absolute icon that she is. Let this day be an endorsement of a future that would mean no woman ever questioning if she had a right to be seated at the table. — Nicolle Montgomery

This past year, we’ve truly seen the insane amount of pressure placed on women to literally do it all – raise children, work, keep the fridge stocked, feed the family, self-care, clean the house, maintain schedules, etc., with many of us running an at-home school or daycare thanks to the pandemic. I’m a firm believer that gender equality, supporting the success of women and paving the way for future generations should be a daily focus, so today, I’m celebrating my fellow women for being badass, powerful forces who have the ability to change the world, with the weight of it on their shoulders. I’m also so, so grateful to have so many wonderful role models, friends and teammates who bring an endless amount of support, strength, wisdom and fun to my life ❤ — Merideth Hartung

My life has been filled with a series of strong and passionate women who’ve helped me accomplish my professional goals, and supported me in my personal ones. IWD is the perfect day to honor how I wouldn’t be where I am without them! — Sam DuBois

For me, International Women’s Day means not only celebrating the bold female pioneers that are shaping our society, but also encouraging the women in our daily lives to continue forging their unique paths. With so many incredible ladies in my life who are all giving their all to positively affect our world in so many different ways, I love that today is a day of celebrating women’s inherent strengths, whether physical, emotional, in character and action, through their passions, or all of the above. — Leigh Baldwin

Empowered women empower women! We do it every day at BPR – for our clients, for our industry and for each other. — Chelsea Coe

One of my favorite quotes of all time is “empowered women empower women,” and for me, that’s what International Women’s Day is all about. It’s about creating opportunities and lifting all women – so we have a seat all have a seat at the table, a voice in the conversation, and respect among all of our peers. If this past year has taught us anything, it’s that women are so incredibly strong, and many balance the weight of the world on our shoulders in both their personal and professional lives. Today is about honoring the strength and achievements of women – in the workplace, in our daily lives and when we see our reflection in the mirror – and remembering that we’re a powerful force when we work together. — April Ingle

On a personal level, IWD serves as a time to celebrate of the powerful, multifaceted women who have directly impacted my life, in addition to recognizing and stepping into my own power as a woman. On a larger level, it’s about celebrating ALL women who have broken barriers and continue to pave paths for future generations, while also recognizing all of the work yet to be done and recommitting myself to actively engage with organizations and individuals – via time or money – aiming to achieve gender parity. — Sarah Hoffner

International Woman’s Day is a great reminder as to just how fortunate I am to work alongside such an amazing team of accomplished women – both those impressive ladies within the team at BPR, as well as on the client side. Each year, I continue to be amazed at what they accomplish – and what we accomplish together. — Jordan Blakesley