Whether your company is brand new or a local institution, we’ve outlined four scenarios when it might be time to hire a PR agency. In our small agency, every client and scope of work is unique. If you think it’s time for your company to hire PR – drop us a line!

1.- Opening a hotel, restaurant or launching a product.

Instead of opening your doors and hoping that potential customers find out about your company – wouldn’t it be great to generate buzz even before opening and be in control of how the media tells your story? That’s where PR comes in. Months before an opening or a launch we work with our clients to draft messaging and teaser campaigns to create awareness and excitement. For restaurant or hotel openings, we invite a small group of carefully selected media for a curated preview. When launching products, we make sure that the product gets into the hands of editors and writers across the country. These tactics help our clients, build momentum, own their brand’s messaging and get in front of their target audiences ahead of opening their doors.

2.- Getting the recognition you deserve.

PR can be an essential resource for getting your company praise. From national awards to “best of” lists that critical for driving in local traffic, keeping track of the deadlines and requirements for awards submission is something that PR agencies tackle daily. Publicists know the right writers and editors to ensure their clients are in consideration for “Editors’ Choice Awards” and we’re pros at writing entry submissions, which can be the make or break between getting on a ballot or not. Once on ballots, integrated teams at PR agencies are able to run social media campaigns and draft email copy to leverage client fanbases and encourage Reader’s Choice voting opportunities.

3.- Standing out from the crowd.

According to the Colorado Restaurant Association, over 200 new restaurants opened in Denver in 2019 alone. Even for the most avid diner, that’s a lot keep up with. The competition is fierce, regardless of industry so reiterating your message and getting your name out there is crucial in staying relevant in a crowded climate. Beyond helping with opening messaging, PR agencies can help brainstorm creative new ideas – whether that’s a timely new menu item or positioning owners as thought leaders in the industry – to always keep your company relevant and in the news.

4.- Feeling prepared.

From the global Coronavirus pandemic in early 2020 to unexpected natural disasters, having a PR agency as an extension of your team can help your company be more prepared when disruptions strike. Crisis communications is a crucial component to having a PR agency and can help your team navigate messaging and strategy through uncertain times; and be better positioned to come out the other side. In addition to drafting messaging and strategy for both traditional and social media audience, PR agencies offer media training, so any member of your team feels prepared when speaking to media.