In honor of National Travel and Tourism Week, the team at B Public Relations spent a few minutes dreaming of where we’re excited to travel to, as soon as the time is right. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been reminded that travel is more than just a plane ride or a stunning boutique hotel. It’s the opportunity to explore new destinations, learn about new cultures, laugh with family or friends, connect with clients face-to-face, and make countless memories along the way.

We know that these have been difficult times for everyone in the tourism and hospitality industries. But we also know that there’s never been a more important time to come together and support each other. The spirit of travel is alive and well and we’re eager to see you out on the road soon.

Julia Bertram

I can’t wait to get up to Aspen. My family has been spending the Fourth of July in Aspen since I was a kid, and it always reminds me of summertime. In recent years, I’ve also been able to go up in June for Aspen Food & Wine. While the festival is cancelled this year, I would still love to go up with my girlfriends once we are able.

 Jordan Blakesley

Sadly, I (like many) had to cancel a few weekend getaways scheduled for March and April – to Tulum, California Wine Country and Charleston – so I’m excited to get those back on the books! Honestly, my wanderlust is stronger than ever, so ask me to pack a bag to just about anywhere and I’m ready!

 Chelsea Coe

When the time is right, I can’t wait to visit Japan; specifically, Hokkaido. The Ainu culture is fascinating, with its own unique traditions and a deep-rooted spirit of living harmoniously with nature. Known for its world-class skiing, natural hot springs (onsen) and fresh seafood, Hokkaido is a dream vacation!

 Carson Denbow

I’ve always been family-oriented and over the past weeks I have been very lucky to spend time with family. Throughout my time with them, I’ve heard many stories about my German heritage – and the extended relatives that still live there. When safe to do so, I’d love to explore my heritage a bit more and visit Germany, and maybe even those extended relatives!

 Sam DuBois

Last year, my fiancé and I traveled to Oregon to celebrate my thirtieth birthday. It was my first time visiting the state, and I fell in love with its gorgeous wine country and rugged coastline. We received warm welcomes from everyone we met, which made the trip even more memorable. I can’t wait to return to explore more of Oregon’s coast and its national parks, knowing I’ll be greeted with open arms!

 Merideth Hartung

As a transplant to Colorado, the majority of my family resides elsewhere, so it’s hard for me to choose just one destination, as I often travel to see my parents in Massachusetts and on the coast of North Carolina. Once we feel comfortable traveling again, I’ll probably take the trips I had on the books before COVID-19 arrived in the U.S.; California, Kentucky and Massachusetts. I was looking forward to a much-needed girls’ trip to Sonoma, a family weekend in Maysville, KY, a family vacation in Cabo and my step brother’s wedding in MA between March-May, so following through on at least some of these and using my airline credits will be a priority. My hubby and I are currently scheduled to take a solo (kid-free!!) vacation in Hawaii in November, so fingers crossed we’re still able to make it!

 Sarah Hoffner

My current travel inspirations are a result of the endless quarantine Instagram scroll. First, I’m dying to get to Nashville. Sean Brock opened Joyland in March, and I need everything off the menu – sure, it’s a little lowbrow, but just look at this burger. Plus, after an increased sedentary lifestyle, I would love to roam Broadway for live music and dancing (who am I anymore?). Secondly, I cannot get enough of this Instagram page, and now I need to get to Hawaii. And, listen, I know lava wouldn’t be part of the experience, but I think beaches, hiking and super fresh fish would do the trick (and, I assume, reverse all adverse quarantine effects).

 April Ingle

I moved to Colorado to spend time in the mountains, so I’ve really been missing time out on the trails (our neighborhood walks just aren’t quite as exciting). I’m counting down the moments until Barley and I can hit a wide-open trail, surrounded by a dense pine forest somewhere up in Colorado’s high country (probably in Snowmass or Crested Butte, some of my absolute favorite destinations). There’s nothing more magical than the healing powers of Mother Nature.

 Morgan Kennedy

I’ve been dreaming of visiting Switzerland for years and nothing makes you want to travel more than not being able to! The photos of the Swiss Alps alone are enough to make me want to book a flight; the endless blue skies and mirror-like lakes are picture perfect in all seasons, but something about a Swiss summer vacation just feels right. 2021, I’m looking at you.

Savannah King

Seattle became one of my favorite U.S. cities when my husband and I visited a few years ago – we flew out, rented a car and had a blast on a little Seattle-to-Portland road trip. Though it may be a while before we can think about cruises again, our sights are set on one day spending more time in Seattle, hopping up to Vancouver for a bit to visit family, then departing from there for a beautiful Alaskan cruise.

Catie Mayer

When the right time comes, I’m yearning to visit Ticino, an Italian-speaking region of Switzerland. In the near future, however, I’m looking forward to planning a short getaway closer to home with a group of friends. The destination won’t matter as much as the quality time with loved ones!

Nicolle Montgomery

This year has already been a roller coaster and has made me want to visit a destination where relaxation is the focus of the trip – a chance to refocus and feel refreshed. The planned trip I had for my fortieth birthday in May had to be postponed, so I am looking into destinations for later this year that would be a redo of the birthday celebration and allow me to lay on a beach with a frozen beverage in hand after a daily spa treatment. We’re currently exploring options in Mexico and the Caribbean.