If you’re wondering about a PR internship at B Public Relations, you’ve come to the right place!

I’m Sadie and I began interning at BPR this summer. Interning here has been an amazing experience, and it has given me a true behind-the-scenes experience in the PR world and agency life. If you’re searching for a PR internship in the hospitality industry, BPR is completely worth your while. I know that many students searching for internships worry about being yet another “coffee run” intern, but trust me on this one – B is the real deal. Here are a few things I’ve learned so far and some tips for future interns:

Media research is a large part of your everyday tasks.

Research is the starting point for almost any project. I conduct research on a variety of things, including competitive media coverage, finding journalists to pitch and invite on press trips and more. Researching media can be a time-consuming task, but I’ve learned it’s crucial to conduct in order to move forward efficiently with certain projects. I’ve also gotten a chance to use Cision PR software – it is a great go-to platform to find journalists to pitch and create media lists.

Writing, writing and more writing!

Interning at a PR agency requires excellent writing skills. Writing in AP Style can be tricky at times, but the more I write, the easier it is to learn from previous mistakes. From pitches and press releases, AP Style is incorporated into all of my tasks.

  • Press Releases: I assist the team in writing press releases for select clients. Press releases are often the first announcement issued to the media regarding newsworthy client events and updates. With that said, it’s necessary to have all the facts and, of course, correct grammar. Learning the structure of press releases takes a bit of time, but it becomes much easier with guidance and practice.
  • Pitches: Pitching is your chance to be creative! Here, you can play with words and make the message more personalized and enticing based on each journalist’s beat. Pitching the media is also a great way to familiarize yourself with journalists on a local and national level, depending on your target.

Know how to multi-task and prioritize.

In an agency, everyone wears many hats and often has to adjust to-do lists and prioritize tasks, as it is definitely a fast-paced environment. My to-do lists change weekly, and some weeks can feel a bit overwhelming getting started – but I’m never sitting around for a task! It’s important to use your time wisely and prioritize tasks accordingly – with that, always be sure to ask for deadlines and take notes on project guidelines to reference. Make sure to jot down every task for the week and prioritize from there. Juggling multiple tasks just like you would at any agency job will become second nature to you in no time!

Be confident in all of your work.

Confidence is key when it comes to performing your best. Don’t doubt yourself when it comes to your work – always try your hardest, ask for feedback, learn from mistakes and apply corrections in the future.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or for help!

This point I definitely cannot stress enough. If I don’t understand something or need more clarification on a project, the women at BPR are always more than happy to thoroughly explain anything further in depth. Asking questions is the best way to learn as an intern, so be sure to check in and address any questions you may have. 

Form a strong relationship with your mentor(s).

I report directly to Carson, one of B’s account executives, and April, B’s account director, when it comes to general inquiries about the internship and they’ve both been phenomenal mentors. Additionally, throughout my time here, I’ve been able to work closely alongside the entire traditional PR team. Carson and I have bi-weekly touch base meetings to check in and talk through projects I’m working on. These are extremely helpful for when I have questions or want to chat about anything. I know they are both there for me to help me achieve my goals and succeed throughout this internship!

Overall, the real-world skills I’ve acquired at BPR are invaluable. While I’ve enhanced my writing and communication skills, I’ve also strengthened my knowledge of the hospitality and food & beverage industries. Specifically, I’ve learned more about current industry trends, learned how PR agencies operate and gained confidence in my ability to work in this industry. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know these amazing women (and, of course, all the adorable office dogs) and I’m incredibly grateful to work alongside them! I truly believe this internship has guided me in the right direction and prepared me to start my PR career in the near future.