The travel bug is in the air and everyone is ready to get their vacation plans in place for 2020. But what about the travel you did in 2019? Jet setters across the world have seen consistent trends across the tourism industry in the last year, ranging from “silence retreats” to the famed “bleisure” trip. As we look back on the end of this decade, here’s our top four favorite popular travel trends of 2019:

1. Microtrips

With more on their plate than ever, today’s workers unfortunately have less time to travel; but that’s not stopping Millennials, Gen Zers and Gen Xers. These three generations are pioneering the way for microtrips, which are engineered to squeeze as much activity into a short trip as possible. More often than not, these travelers would rather wake up earlier and have a full, adventurous day than spread out their itineraries and travel dates to include time for relaxation. Microtrippers know what they want out of their weekend getaways and prepare tailored itineraries to ensure they experience it all in the limited time they have.

2. Disconnect to Reconnect

In the fast-paced world we live in, everyone needs a break every once in a while. In 2019, we noticed an upswing in travel for the sole purpose of getting away from our increasingly digital world. Travelers not only want to take a trip for the sake of the experience, but also increasingly for a self-prescribed “digital detox.” Destinations can include small, off-the-grid towns or remote mountainous areas, but regardless of place, these trips are planned with the intention of leaving the digital world behind in exchange for some serious self-care and reflection unencumbered by technology.

3. Overtourism

We live in an Instagram-saturated world where many people turn to social media for travel recommendations, but travelers are starting to gravitate toward lesser-known destinations that attract fewer tourists. Many people are also combatting overtourism by opting to travel during off-season to avoid sky-high prices, massive crowds and time-consuming lines. And for good reason: many mainstream spots are unable to sustain the swarms of visitors, so not only is avoiding popular locations better for a traveler’s wallet and time, it is also better for the global areas overwhelmed by tourists.

4. Transformational Travel

Travelers are increasingly looking for mentally, physically and spiritually fulfilling and transformational experiences while traveling. People are taking trips that include volunteering, activities that empower them or make meaningful use of their time, or that can also provide life-long skills for travelers to take back home.

While trends may come and go in the blink of an eye, staying on top of overall developments in the travel market and providing tailored services to potential travelers can keep destinations top-of-mind in today’s competitive global travel market. Even if a destination doesn’t fit the current trends, it can identify specific trends with which it aligns and adjust its strategy accordingly to remain relevant with a niche audience. Stay on top of these travel trends, and you’ve got a winning strategy to cater to today’s travelers.