ICYMI, it’s been a busy week in the digital world. From finding love on Facebook via their new dating feature (sorry, Tinder) to Instagram testing a slew of new features, there’s no shortage of changes that will prompt yet another shift in social media strategy for marketers and digital gurus worldwide. #JobSecurity

Perhaps the largest impact brands will see from Instagram’s latest introductions is the ability for users to mute profiles. If your BFF floods your feed with information about their pyramid marketing scheme and it’d be unethical for you to unfollow them, or you’re morally obligated to follow your third cousin’s wife who specializes in TMI, you’re in luck! You’ll soon be able to unfollow them without actually unfollowing them and causing a rift. But for marketers? Your newest headache is on it’s way – are you ready?

In other news, influencer marketing continues to prove it is here to stay (which is a good thing, considering we’ve built an entire team dedicated to the movement). Ninety-two percent of marketers plan to increase their influencer collaborations on Instagram following a 198% YOY increase in influencer relations on the platform in 2017.

You also might want to rethink your decision to abandon Pinterest. According to the platform’s data, the inspirational app reaches 2X more online travelers than top travel agency websites. In fact, more than 40 million people in the U.S. visit the platform every month for travel ideas.

Lastly, with social media changing on the daily, we wanted to provide this great infographic on the current state of social media algorithms. We’re off to give our Pinterest account some TLC!