We’re excited to welcome Meg Sessions to our team as an Account Supervisor! After five years with Edelman Chicago, Meg and her husband recently relocated to the Mile High City, bringing with her years of experience and a passion for media relations, influencer programs, reputation management and event coordination. Most recently, Meg worked on the Hilton account at Edelman, wearing many hats during her four years on the team.

Meg’s strategic thinking and understanding of the media landscape has resulted in coverage for her clients in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Travel + Leisure, AFAR, POPSUGAR and more. In her last year on the Hilton team, she supported the nearly century old company’s rebranding, including the rebranding of their loyalty program and roll-out of industry-first perks.

When she’s not working, Meg continues to feed her wanderlust with adventures around the globe and also enjoys exploring her new state, from rooftop to mountaintop.

About what aspect of joining BPR are you most excited?

  • While working at a large agency was great, I am excited about the smaller office environment. It will be nice to get to know everyone really well and I can tell BPR is like a family! It’s also really cool to be in an office with such an entrepreneurial spirit – the possibilities for growth in this aspect are very exciting to me.

Favorite restaurant or happy hour spot?

  • I am still exploring Denver but loved The Populist. As far as Happy Hour goes, I am on the hunt for a great patio with plenty of rosé on the menu!

Any secret talents we should know about?

  • In high school I was a runway coach at a modeling and acting school. If you ever need to know how to catwalk I am your gal!

What is at the top of your bucket list?

  • I want to travel more. There are so many places around the world I haven’t seen, it’s my goal to make a serious dent in my travel bucket-list over the next few years.

What is your favorite place to which you have traveled?

  • My family did a big trip all over Japan two years ago visiting Tokyo, Kyoto, Yokohama, Miyajima and Hiroshima. My dad has a colleague in Japan with a daughter and son the same age as myself and my brother. We grew up being pen-pals with them and their family had visited us in the States years prior. This family put a ton of time and effort into helping make special arrangements for us and the trip could not have been more special! Almost every meal they arranged was multiple courses and we were so impressed by the fascinating Japanese infrastructure, wonderful hospitality and beautiful sites to see. It was also pretty hilarious being a family of super tall Americans exploring Japan – there was a lot of ducking and fitting into small spaces involved!

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go right now?

  • Vietnam is high on my travel bucket-list right now. From the beautiful scenery to the amazing food, it’s somewhere I’d love to have the chance to explore!

You’re new to Denver. What is your favorite thing about living here, so far?

  • Actually having Spring weather to enjoy has been amazing. In Chicago we typically skipped right from a super long winter into a brief summer.

What is the most spontaneous thing you have ever done?

  • Everything about our move to Denver felt very spontaneous. From buying a house the first time my husband and I looked, to ordering all our furniture before we moved in – we’ve moved fast and furiously but it’s all worked out!

Aside from the necessities, what one thing could you not go a day without?

  • I am pretty serious about snacking. I basically have to eat every two to three hours to function like a normal human-being.

If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

  • I’d have to say Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (any of the Shapes varietals will do) or a burger with sweet potato fries (ranch on the side). Artichokes are my favorite food but I am afraid I’d get too hungry living off of those!