It is no secret that the ladies of BPR enjoy a good glass of wine. We don’t discriminate; we love the reds, the whites and the rosés – they’re each wonderful in their own ways. However, it was only after a friend suggested we visit Wine & Whey, a cute little hole-in-the-wall in RiNo that provides wine-enthusiasts with the means to create their own purple poisons (as well as cheeses, if that’s your thing), that we truly began to appreciate the process of wine making. Read on to learn how we, and a small group of other wine lovers, created our very own barrels of wine!

We began the evening by drinking a few glasses of vino, which had been created by previous classes held at Wine & Whey, and discussing our favorite types of wine. We then deliberated the wines we would like to make, and were provided with two kits that held all the ingredients necessary to make a red blend and a malbec. After being guided through each detailed step by our fearless leader, Katrina, we sealed the jugs and departed.

Fast forward six weeks, and the BPR team returned to Wine & Whey to bottle our now flourishing wines! We began by suctioning the wine out of the barrels and into clean wine bottles, and corking them using a Portuguese corking contraption.

Finally, our bottles were ready for the final touch – our personalized wine bottle labels! We carefully applied each label to our allotted bottles and basked in our “hard work.”

It would be natural to assume that we immediately opened a bottle to taste our creations, but alas, we were informed that although our wine was bottle-ready, it was not consumption ready. We’ll be patiently waiting for August to arrive so we can open a bottle and taste our very own creation – at which point we will report back!

Until then,