Inspired by the recent Huffington Post love letter to Denver, we at BPR have decided to write a little letter of our own, to not just to the city, but the state with which we’re enamored.

Dear Colorado,

The world has finally taken notice of your spunky and eccentric spirit, and it is easy to understand why. You’re widely known as the nation’s “fittest” state, you have become an epicenter for entrepreneurs and small businesses of every kind, and you exemplify the free-spirited traits other states have come to envy. You embrace hardened east coasters, ultra-laid back west coasters and scenery-deprived middle-Americans with open arms. Your natives have created a culture of acceptance and ease to which businesses and individuals flock – and for that, we thank you.

Mind, Body & Spirit

Among your many accomplishments, you have successfully become a hotbed for the yoga-enthusiasts and the fitness-obsessed, so much so that major publications like Yoga Journal, Backpacker and Runner’s World have also decided to call you home. You have bred unique and groundbreaking brands like Outlaw Yoga and The Cycling Yogi. Outlaw yogis prefer the sounds of Beck and Michael Franti to the tranquil tunes of more conventional studios, and are also encouraged to be a refreshingly Coloradan blend of powerful, bold, present and fun. The studio operates under the mantra of bringing yoga to the people, and to that locals say “ommmm, yeah!” And is there a more Coloradan athletic hybrid than The Cycling Yogi? We think not!


On another note, Colorado, your explosive dining scene has been well reported over the last few years, and one of the newest and trendiest additions is none other than VooDoo Donut, an Oregon-based company that found Denver to be the best market in which to house its first out of state location. From the Super Bowl-inspired Richard Sherman donut, to the Bacon Covered Maple donut, Coloradans have been salivating so much they’re willing to wait in line for over an hour for a taste of the goodness.

What’s more, you’re also a breeding ground for James Beard nominations, with seven hailing from you in 2014 alone.

Work Hard & Play Hard

While some may claim the ocean is the best scenic backdrop of them all, your loyal residents strongly disagree. Your golden plains, glimmering cities and majestic Rocky Mountains are nothing short of stunning.  You have it all, you really do.  To the east you will find an abundance of local farms that supply ample amounts of nutritious and delicious goods that keep you wholesome and true to your roots (see what we did there?). In your heart lies the thriving metropolis of Denver, which is lean, mean and just how you like it. With a population of just over 600,000, this city isn’t afraid of a few skyscrapers, but knows how to keep it real. Across your western front, the grandiose Rocky Mountains are a local and out-of-towner favorite. Your world-class ski resorts and amazing hiking trails have helped create the active Coloradan lifestyle we love so much!

Blame it on the A-A-A-A-A-Altitude

Who could forget the 300+ days of sunshine you wear so well, Colorado? While other states are doomed to spend the winter months with near-constant cloud cover, all year you keep your residents’ vitamin D levels higher than the new group out-of-staters flocking to you for the legal marijuana. Couple the excessive sunshine with the highest average elevation in the country, it’s no wonder your residents always seem to be “high on life!”

We love you Colorado, and we think you love us, too. We hope we do you proud spreading the word to potential visitors about your many offerings.


The ladies of BPR

Denver, Colorado