In the Business of Celebrating Women

As a team of 16 women, International Women’s Day is a day near and dear to our hearts. While every day is worthy of celebrating girl power, today we get the extra special occasion to brag on the incredible women that make up Team B. Read on to learn what today means to our team, as well as a special shout-out to the leading ladies behind the restaurants, hotels and destinations we work with.

April Ingle, Account Director

To me, International Women’s Day is a reminder about the women who blazed the trail ahead of us so we could have a seat at the table, a voice at the polls and the freedom to design our own destiny. It is also a critical reminder to fight today’s battles and forge a new path forward for our colleagues, clients, friends, daughters and all the fierce females to come.

Brianna Buffo, Account Executive

To me, International Women’s Day is a celebration of resiliency, power, beauty and strength. I’m proud to be part of the brilliant group of women at BPR, empowering and supporting one another to live our most authentic selves. The empathy, passion and value women bring to the world is immeasurable.

Callie Sumlin, Senior Account Executive

While there is so much work left to be done for women across the world to achieve the safety and parity they deserve, I feel so lucky to work with and learn from the amazing women of BPR every day. Cheers to all the women supporting one another and fighting for a better future.

Chelsea Coe, Account Supervisor

I feel so grateful to have compassionate, talented and resilient women in all areas of my life, from personal to professional. We are badass and together, we can create a world that is diverse, equitable and inclusive!

Erica Langwell, Coordinator, Influencer Relations + Strategic Partnerships

International Women’s Day means celebrating strong, fearless and empowering women. One of my favorite quotes that I think perfectly describes International Women’s Day is “Here’s to strong women. May we know them, may we be them, and may we raise them.”

Leigh Baldwin, Photographer + Social Media Manager

I’ve always been blessed with physical strength. When I was young, I faced – and sometimes believed – others’ attitudes that it’s unnatural for girls to be strong, much less be able to do more pull ups than the boys. As I’ve grown, leaned into my strength and learned from life’s experiences, I’ve come to understand that strength is an inherent trait that all women carry. Whether physical, emotional, professional or otherwise, it is the power and resilience of the women who have come before us and who stand beside us today that paves the way for these false beliefs about our weaknesses to be broken down and replaced with a new respect for our strength.

Nicole del Cardayre, Public Relations Intern

Being a woman encompasses many things, however, to me I feel the most powerful when I push my body physically and mentally. Hiking daunting mountains and running great lengths challenges both my mental and physical state which makes me feel strong. When I have a hard day at work or school, I remember the incredible things I have pushed myself to do and remind myself how strong I am.

Rileigh Skelton, Assistant Manager, Social + Digital Media

On International Women’s Day, I celebrate all the incredible women in my life. I am grateful for the amazing female friends, family members and mentors that have inspired me and given me the courage to achieve my professional and personal dreams. I feel so lucky to work alongside and learn from all the unstoppable women at BPR. As Beyonce said, girls really do run the world!

Sarah Hoffner, Senior Account Executive

On a personal level, International Women’s Day serves as a time to celebrate of the powerful, multifaceted women who have directly impacted my life, in addition to recognizing and stepping into my own power as a woman. On a larger level, it’s about celebrating the women who have broken barriers and continue to pave paths for future generations, while also recognizing all the work yet to be done and recommitting myself to actively engage with organizations and individuals – via time or money – aiming to achieve gender parity.

This year, I’m donating my resources to organizations who support trans women – all trans folks, really – as many legislative bodies have attempted to strip away their rights and gender-affirming care in recent weeks. ALL women deserve to feel safe and supported.

Savannah King, Senior Manager, Social + Digital Media

I think that International Women’s Day is often looked at as a reason to celebrate the wonderful women surrounding you – and don’t get me wrong, it absolutely is, and you absolutely should. But maybe take a moment this International Women’s Day to indulge in a bit of self-love as well and acknowledge the magnificent woman you are closest to: yourself.

International Women’s Day celebrations are incomplete without honoring the women making waves in the Denver hospitality scene. Join us as we raise a toast to our incredible female clients:

Aminata Dia: Co-owner and chef, Le French

Brianna Jacobson: General manager, Postino WineCafé

Holly Arnold Kinney: Proprietress and culinary director, The Fort 

Jennifer Linzinmeir: Co-owner, Jovanina’s Broken Italian

Jennifer Gray-Beery: Area director, Postino WineCafé

Lauren Bailey: CEO, Postino WineCafé

Mollie Jacobs: General manager, Postino WineCafé

Molly Jones: General manager, Postino WineCafé

Meaghan Goedde: CEO, Sage Restaurant Concepts

Nicole Mattson: Co-owner, Nocturne

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